Locate a Used Shipping Container Online

When searching the internet for used shipping containers, we recommend using Mozilla, Firefox or Opera.

These browsers have many advantages, but the main one is the "tabbed browsing" facility. More details

used shipping containersUsed shipping containers.

The first place to start is Google. That's because it's the most widely used. You can start your search with general terms like "containers" or "used containers" and then narrow it by using more specific keywords, like “used shipping container”. General keywords produce general results. That's the case with "containers" for example, because "containers" can represent a lot of things. It's good to have an eye on the results too. Use the tabbed browsing.

In this way you can keep all your findings in one window and then you can bookmark them as a group of tabs. If you're using Internet Explorer, open the results in new windows and then bookmark them one by one. 

For more specific searches try these keywords:

  • used ocean containers
  • used sea containers
  • used ocean shipping sea containers
  • previously owned shipping containers
  • used storage containers
  • used steel containers
  • used cargo containers
  • shipping container used
  • buying used ocean containers

You can add to the searches the name of the area you live in. For example if you live in Florida you can search for "florida used steel container". Also take a look at the sponsored links on the right of the results page. On many occasions you'll see listed there companies you might be interested in.

For more Google searching tips, see here.

After you've finished your searches on Google, go to Bing and Yahoo and repeat the same steps. These are the three major search engines.

Two other places to visit in your search process for used shipping container are: Government Liquidations; Ebay.

shipping containers at portShipping containers at port.