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Shipping Container Housing Guide is a site that showcases the benefits of Shipping Container Housing, as well as provides information on how you can start building a house using shipping containers.

At we're not engineers or architects, but we have backgrounds in construction and real estate investment, and a passion for efficient, storm resistant housing that can be produced economically. Here in Florida, where we reside, shipping container homes represent ideal solutions to many housing problems, especially with our weather concerns. As they can be designed and assembled to be hurricane-resistant, they could be a great alternative to mobile home parks, which are not very resistant to severe weather.

We plan to update periodically the information on this site with articles written by real specialists and with our own thoughts and opinions. We want this site to be your primary source of information regarding cargo container homes.

shipping containers The shipping container industry produces a lot of these containers each and every year. We're talking mainly about ISO containers. They are used to transport goods all over the world. It's estimated that 90 percent of the world's trade today moves in containers. One hundred million container loads crisscross the world's oceans each year in over 5,000 container ships. There is a very good chance that many of the products you purchase arrive in your country in a shipping container. When Malcolm McLean invented them in the 1950's, they represented a real revolution in the transportation industry.

But cargo containers create problems too. After they are used a few times they become used shipping containers and they start piling up near ports. Used shipping containers take up a lot of space and represent a potential source of pollution. The resources used to make shipping containers are significant and largely wasted if the container is only used a few times, or even a few dozen times.

Then some people thought "why not use these containers for something else?". Why not build a container house, a shelter, even a whole neighborhood? In recent years the shipping container is becoming more versatile in construction. They are being used for commercial structures, even in-ground swimming pools!

Right now, interest in container homes is growing because shipping container housing represents a real solution to social and ecological problems.

Building with Shipping Containers
An overview of the key aspects of building with shipping containers.
Shipping Container Transportation & Handling
Things to consider for shipping container transportation and handling of shipping containers when buying them for a container home.
Shipping Container Standard Dimensions
Shipping container standard dimensions and an overview of different container sizes.
Shipping Container Costs
Shipping Container Costs – one of the major costs of shipping container house building.
Locate a Used Shipping Container Online
How to find a used shipping container for sale, and information for locating used cargo containers online.
The 20 Foot Shipping Container
Details on the the 20 foot shipping container.
Container Housing Companies
Interested in buying a ready-made container house? Find out about companies that sell pre-fab container housing.
Shipping Container Manufacturer
Tips on how to find a shipping container manufacturer.
Shipping Container House Plans
Information on Shipping Container House Plans and how they can save you money.
Shipping Container Drawing Examples
The Shipping Container Drawing: graphics and designs demonstrate the exterior appearance options for container homes.
Shipping Containers Used for Sale: Modern Day Green Building Blocks
With hundreds of thousands of abandoned shipping containers, is now common to see the sign: “ Shipping Containers Used for Sale ”
Projects for Shipping Container Houses and Community Buildings
Shipping container houses and community buildings, projects that make use of the advantages of corrugated shipping containers to build sustainable buildings.
Container Carriers: Liability Transfer Between Buyer, Seller and Carrier
Agreements and contracts governing the container liability transfer between buyer, seller and container carriers.
Shipping Container House
Build A Green Shipping Container House.
Shipping Containers Housing Benefits
What are the benefits of shipping containers over traditional construction methods? Learn about shipping containers housing.
Shipping Container Construction: Variation Within Standardization
History regarding the unique standardization of shipping container construction.
Container Overseas Shipping: The Heart of Modern Day Commerce
Container Overseas Shipping developed after World War II, when America’s shipping industry was in shambles.
Shipping Container Design for Intermodal Shipping
The computer was important to shipping container design even in the 1950s at the beginning of the containerization revolution.
Shipping Container Specification: The Story of Standardization
The story of standardization related to shipping container specification.
Shipping Containers Industry Overview
Shipping Containers role in transportation and trade globalization history.
Refrigerated Containers (Reefers)
Refrigerated containers are able to control temperatures, allowing every type of product (meat, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals etc) to travel across the world.
Container Cranes
Container cranes, also known as a ship-to-shore cranes (StS crane) or handling gantry crane, represent an assemblage of cranes used to load and unload intermodal containers from container vessels.
Open Top Containers
Open top containers were designed for easy loading and unloading of the cargo.
Intermodal Containers
Intermodal containers are useful if one needs a container that can be reused for different multiple purposes (transporting freight, stacking various types of cargo).
Insulated Shipping Containers
While some insulated shipping containers can be used just once, others are reusable.
Standardized Shipping Containers History
The history of standardized shipping containers.
Container living: Some Villain Thoughts About a Container Village
Container living could become a solution for current housing crisis. But shipping containers have yet nothing to do with housing in Romania.
Shipping Container House Blog
Shipping container homes and more
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